Library Committee

Library Committee

Committee Objective

Library Committee is responsible to conduct semester wise library audits as well as to implement library rules as follows:

  1. The library card/id is strictly non transferable and books will be issued to owner only
  2. Books will be issued for 15 days only but may be recalled if will be required
  3. Periodical/ journal/reference books/cd will not be issued referred them in reading room
  4. Bags/personal belongings are not allowed inside the library and take permission for taking any book outside the library
  5. The students may be re issued the books if not in demand on physical presentation of the books
  6. The last borrower shall be responsible for any damage to the book/ periodical unless it has been pointed out at the time of issue and keep the issue book clean and in good condition
  7. Respect privacy of other students, faculty, and staff. Be considerate of other no loud talking and disruptive behavior.
  8. Do not disrupt and library with noisy or disorderedly conduct.
  9. Turn off or set ringer to silence all cell phones prior to entry the library. No call inside library
  10. Refrain from eating , drinking while in library and reading room
  11. Do not indulge in damaging or defacing library facilities, material equipments or software
  12. Lack of co operation will result in removal from the premises , and /or restriction of library privileges
  13. The no dues certificate can be secured from the library after surrendering and borrowers card and clearing all library dues
  14. The library staff expected to apply library rules in a fair, reasonable and positive manner.
  15. Student who question the way that library rules have been applied may inform librarian.
  16. If a solution cannot be found, they head, library committee will be consulted and lastly director/chairman

The following are members of Library Committee:

Name Designation
Ms. Rekha Thakur Convener
Mr. Ravindra Kumar Member
Ms. Isha Sharma Member
Dr. Divya Ghai Member
Mr. Shubham Pal Member