Proctorial Board

Proctorial Board

Committee Objective

The Constitute of Proctorial Board consists faculty members and senior management from various Department to ensure that proper Code of conduct & discipline in the institute. The main objective of Proctorial board is to provide supportive care and advice to the students and help them in their academic and personal problems.

Role and Responsibilities

  1. To maintain discipline in the Institute.
  2. Ensure Institute code of conduct of students and staff are understood and followed
  3. To p Support student for their academic and professional growth
  4. Cases of indiscipline or indecent behavior of any student, cases of individual/ group harassment, threats, manhandling etc. are dealt strictly by the Proctorial Board.
  5. The members of the committee shall be vigilant in the campus for discipline.

The following are members of Proctorial Board:

Name Designation
Dr. A. K. Jaiswal Convener
Ms. Rekha Thakur Member
Dr. Manish Mathur Member
Dr. Amit Bhatt Member
Mr. Shubhashish Goswami Member