Director Message

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Dr. R. K. Tripathi
Dev Bhoomi Institute of Technology,

II take immense pleasure to welcome you all to Dev Bhoomi Institute of Technology, an institute which is dedicated to providing enriching and life turning experiences through transforming quality education.

CCataclysmic changes, extreme competition, unpredictable business circles and steep geopolitical ground have made today's industry very dynamic and unpredictable. Therefore, now more than any other era the responsibility lies on the shoulder of the educational institutes to equip leaders of tomorrow with the skill, knowledge, and character to address developing global industry and social challenges. And we here at DBIT understand this crucial need. We, therefore, are devoted to imparting quality education, blended with teaching the application of knowledge, fostering innovative thinking, teaching professional ethics and consciousness to social responsibilities in an integrated form to prepare industry-ready individuals.

We believe that lifetime learning & training leads to the benefits of society and therefore encourage & promote research activities & combine it with the teaching-learning process. Being the Managing Director of the esteemed group, I can say with complete confidence that DBIT is persistent in providing quality education and is best in doing so. As our faculty is the pool of skilled learners who are aiming to educate the mind, nourish the spirit, and foster the growth of the whole individual. DBIT's dedicated and talented faculty supports the mission of bringing innovation in the teaching-learning process. As they recapitulate to seek educational growth for themselves, they bring new, unique and innovative ideas back into the classroom. Therefore, I can say proudly that the thirst for knowledge and love of learning thrive at DBIT in both students & teachers.

It's said, that the personality of an individual is groomed based on the environment the individuals lives in. Therefore, DBIT makes sure to provide an environment conducive to creativity, innovation, team-sprit and entrepreneurial leadership in order to provide skill-oriented training to meet the needs of the industry and society. We foster sharpening of skills along with the enhancement of knowledge base in our students and therefore follow an advanced and well-researched course curriculum which is relevant to the needs of both the industry and education. Our course curriculum does not only focus on the quality of education but also emphasizes student's holistic development. It is done through various extra-curricular activities and value-added course offered at the institute. The institute provides full support to enhance their creativity and problem-solving abilities, improve their critical thinking abilities, moral values, communication skills, and sense of responsibilities so that they can contribute their best to the society and the country. Apart from being an exemplary prodigal platform by facilitating purposeful and dynamic education to the students, we make sure to provide our students with the best placement opportunities to help them start their careers in the highly competitive industries. Our excellent placement strategy has certainly brought laurels and applauds to the institute.

I being the Director of such visionary institute honestly feel very happy to visualize such commendable projections and can say irrefutably that the institution is going to touch new heights in the near future.

Welcome to DBIT, Welcome to Exploration, Enhancement and Innovation.