Feedback Committee

Feedback Committee

Committee Objective

Institute has a well defined feedback system in place of taking feedback from all stakeholders, namely, students, teachers, parents and alumni once a year. The collective feedback are summarized and analyzed for the corrective measures and continuous improvements; the objective of feedback collection is to provide a framework for acquiring, summarizing and documenting information on the inputs received from all the stakeholders viz. students, faculty, alumni, employers and parents.

  1. To significantly increase students interaction with the institution.
  2. To Increase The Quality of Teaching and new updation on value added module
  3. To Communicate with all stakeholder regarding the progress of institute
  4. Analysis the report And intimate to management regarding the progress
  5. Create linkage with Alumni and Students for Better employability opportunity
  6. Promote the interests and welfare of Students and All other stake holders
  7. Intimate the college website Committee regarding the new activity held in College
  8. Whenever any Alumni or parents visit the college, feedback is taken.
  9. Feedback processes is systematic and respectful to the rights of all stakeholders

The following are members of Feedback Committee:

Name Designation
Dr. R. K. Tripathi Director
Dr. Amit Bhatt Member
Dr. Manish Mathur Member
Mr. Arjun Singh Member
Dr. Divya Aggarwal Member
Dr. Anupma Sharma Member
Mr. Himanshu Kumar Diwedi Convener