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It is vital that employees are dealt with reasonably and get immediate reactions to issues and concerns. Consequently, Dev Bhoomi Institute of technology gives a grievance system to advance incite and mindful determination of issues raised by staff and managers. This method might be utilized openly without dread of countering, and the Office of Human Resources is accessible to help all through the strategy. The procedure delineated underneath ought to be utilized if an individual can't help contradicting a director's action including any disciplinary action. In the event that the issue includes Discriminatory Harassment, Sexual Harassment and additionally Discrimination, reference to those approaches ought to be made to start a protestation. At the point when uncertain which strategy applies, contact ought to be made with a Human Resources HR Consultant or the Office of Institutional Equity for help.

Step One

Examine Complaint with Immediate reporting Head

Dev Bhoomi Institute of Technology encourages informal resolution of complaints. Employees should first discuss the complaint with their immediate reporting head within three (3) working days of the situation whenever possible. If the complaint is not resolved as a result of this discussion, or such a discussion is not appropriate under the circumstances, proceed to Step Two. If the action in dispute involves suspension or termination of employment, Steps One and Two should be bypassed.

Step Two

Plan and Submit Complaint Procedure Form to HR Department Executive for Review by Second-Level Supervisor.

If the employee feels the complaint was not resolved in discussions with his/her immediate supervisor, he/she may prepare and submit a formal written complaint for review by the person to whom the employee’s immediate reporting head reports (“second-level supervisor”). To do so, the employee should prepare a Complaint Procedure Form and submit it to Human Resources HR department within seven (7) working days of the Step One discussion with the immediate reporting (or within seven (7) days of the event being grieved if Step One is bypassed). The HR executive will then review the complaint, send a copy to the second-level superior head and the immediate reporting head (if appropriate), and schedule a meeting for the employee, the second-level superior head, and the HR executive to discuss the complaint. The meeting will ordinarily be held within five (5) working days of the Consultant’s receipt of the Complaint Procedure Form. The second-level superior head will issue a written decision, generally within five (5) working days of the meeting. If the complaint is not resolved to the employee’s satisfaction, they may proceed to Step Three.

Step Three

Submit Complaint Procedure Form to Human Resource Director of HR Department for Review by Third-Level Manager.

If the employee is not satisfied with the Step Two decision, they may proceed with the complaint within five (5) working days of receipt of the Step Two decision by submitting it to the Human Resources Director of HR for review by the director in charge of their department or associate dean of the department. A meeting between the employee, the Director of HR and the director or associate dean will generally be held within five (5) working days. The director or associate dean will issue a written decision, generally within five (5) working days of the meeting.

Step Four

Submit Complaint Procedure Form for Final Appeal to the Appropriate-Level , Joint Director or Hon’ble Chairman Office.

If the employee is not satisfied with the Step Three decision, they may submit the complaint to the appropriate level, i.e, Joint Director with Academic/ Administrative responsibility for the college or the Office of the Hon’ble Chairman, within seven (7) working days of receipt of the Step Three decision. The Joint Director or Office of the Hon’ble Chairman will provide the Institute’s final written response, generally within fourteen (14) working days. The employee’s department management will be notified as well.

General Information

The time limits above are subject to modification on a case-by-case basis due to operational requirements, travel away from campus, in-depth investigations, etc.

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